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Shoe and Leather Industry
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High-Quality Shoe Materials and Subcomponents


Jaeger USA supplies high-quality components and material for Shoes. Elastics, Laces, Reinforcements, Leather, Textile, PU Leather, Plastic, Nonwoven Fabrics, Toe Puff Counter

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Strong Seam Enforcement

Reinforcement materials add rigidity and longevity to products. In particular, they enforce the mechanical properties of the material and, in most cases, are harder, stronger, and stiffer than the material itself. Jaeger offers a number of varieties of reinforcement materials. 

Leather is an animal hide that is cleaned of hair, treated, ‘tanned’, to preserve it, and then finished with a specific color, emboss, or feel. 

When two pieces of leather are put together, strong seam reinforcement is crucial.  Leather and footwear items are exposed to many stress factors starting in the manufacturing process.

The stiffness or softness of shoe reinforcement parts will determine if your shoe is pliable, a comfortable dress shoe, or a trail-ready hiking boot.

Manufacturers then turn this into footwear, the primary use, handbags, wallets, belts, luggage and luggage tags, leather apparel, front seams, back seams, side seams, french seams, or raw edges, fashion accessories, interiors, and car upholstery Jaeger products are a part of this global industry.  There is also everyday wear and tear on your shoes, and exterior factors such as heat, dryness, and wetness. Just think of all the places a pair of shoes take you.

The thinner and finer the leather, the greater the necessity of a thin and strong reinforcement. Even during the production of shoes and leather goods, the aim is to protect the leather from over-stretching. Straps require stability and tensile strength. The leather around the eyelets must not lose its shape even when laced tightly.

Topline Reinforcements
Strap Reinforcements
Jaeger Metallic Elastics

Lasting is the operation that stretches the shoe upper over the foot form or last. Almost all shoe are lasted in some way. With the last inside the upper, the outsole can be bonded and pressed into place. Once the outsole is bonded the shoe can be De-lasted. There are several types of lasting operations. Slip lasting, board lasting, toe lasting, waist lasting, heel lasting, string lasting, California lasting, and hand lasting. Also available as a self-adhesive variant.

High-tenacity and prong-proof woven tapes in various designs with varying levels of stretch and types of coatings (e.g. with thermoplastic effect for ensuring a firm strap position).

Strap Reinforcements
Reinforcing Tape with Metal Threads
Upper Reinforcements
Jaeger USA Reinforcements
Jaeger USA Elastics

A reinforcing tape with very thin and fine metal threads makes straps malleable and provides stability. The metal threads are enclosed in the fabric so that they do not impair comfort.

Nylon tapes or die-cut parts as lasting or de-lasting reinforcement preventing over-stretching for parts of the upper subject to high loads and for a nice and non-fraying topline thanks to subsequent trimming.

Reinforcements for Leather Goods
Seam Tapes and Seam Reinforcement Tapes
Reinforcement For Shoes and Purses

Prong-proof tapes as reinforcement for straps; die-cut parts as spot reinforcement for components subject to high loads; reinforcing sheets with various coatings for lending leather goods volume and reinforcement.

Flexible adhesive tapes for an attractive and straight back seam or densely-woven tapes for reinforcing a middle seam subject to high loads.

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Jaeger supplies supply high quality components and material for Shoes. Elastics, Laces, Reienforcements, Leather, Textile, PU leather, Plastic, Nonwoven Fabrics, Toe Puff Counter

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Running in the Rain Jaeger USA

Water Repellent Laces and Elastic Tapes

Special Products

Seam Sealing Tapes
Seam sealing tapes

Waterproof shoes are generally sealed with a membrane which can be conceived as a type of inner shoe inside the upper. To seal the seams, we use a seam sealing tape which is welded to the membrane using hot air.

Mesh Tapes

Mesh tapes are ideal for achieving a waterproof connection between the injected sole and the membrane. The PU foam of the sole penetrates the open mesh tape fabric, thereby creating a waterproof anchor for the membrane in the sole.


Our integrated management system is designed based on the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 50001.

Quality and environmental management are the active principles of our business policy. Meticulous examinations from the receipt of goods through to the finished product characterize our continuous quality assurance chain.

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