Innovative Private Label Sealing Systems and Components for Tile, Stone, Sound, Air Barriers, Elastics, and Shoe and Leather Components

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Automotive Industry
Jaeger USA's Automotive Industry Footprint

The motor of innovation.

Customers from the automotive industry and their suppliers have extremely high demands. Jaeger products comply with all safety standards and quality demands. Our product solutions, in many cases, patented, support our customers as they strive for innovative products, sustainability and cost-efficiency.

With our experience in various areas, such as textile tapes, adhesive coatings, and lamination, we have developed products which are perfectly adapted to our customers’ production processes, thereby guaranteeing outstanding efficiency. For us, this is an ongoing challenge.

Reinforcement tapes. Binding and loop tapes. Friction tapes.

Jaeger produces a wide range of technical tapes for the automotive industry. Typical applications are loop reinforcing tapes, rear shelf tapes, seam reinforcements for seats and interiors, etc.  


With our expertise in the field of technical textiles, Jaeger ideally meets the stringent requirements of the automotive industry.

Jaeger USA offers high-quality sewing and embroidery threads for the automotive industry. The product line includes; seam reinforcements, tapes, bindings, and loop straps for the auto industry.


By adding a second stitch to make the seam stronger, seam reinforcement is used in a variety of locations. Products for the Jaeger USA vehicle manufacturing division include over a million units; loop reinforcing tapes, rear shelf tapes, seam reinforcements, and the interior of motor vehicles.

Reinforcements.Tapes, Bindings, and Loop Straps.

Jaeger produces a wide range of technical tapes for the automotive industry. Typical applications include loop reinforcing tapes, rear shelf tapes, seam reinforcements for seats and interiors etc. Thanks to our expertise in the area of technical textiles, Jaeger is particularly capable of complying with the high standards prevailing in the automotive industry.

Technical capabilities.

Jaeger offers comprehensive and efficient performance and production possibilities. With our modern and diverse machinery, our highly qualified employees meet technical challenges.


Of course, our machines and systems are continuously maintained and developed. For a high level of production security, all our processes are doubly arranged.

Our production capabilities:

  • Extruding

  • Laminating

  • Weaving / braiding

  • Refining / finishing

  • Dyeing

  • Die-cutting / cutting

  • Thermoforming

  • Coating. 

Special Solutions

In automotive interior design, special solutions are often in demand. We have comprehensive experience in developing and manufacturing specific solutions for these complex designs. We gladly support you in all phases ranging from the generation of new ideas all the way to the realization of special products

Jaeger USA's Automotive
Industry Quickglance Guide
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