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A supply of high-quality shoe materials and subcomponents is key to great looking and long lasting shoes.

Jaeger USA is committed to mitigating our impact on the environment from the manufacturing of materials, to the making of our products, to the impact of our operations. 

Eco Friendly
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Jaeger USA's Portfolio is Organized into Four Segments


Within the product families you will find; waterproofing sheet membranes for both above and below grade application, accessories for shower installation systems, water, air, and vapor-permeable sealing tapes, sub-floor uncoupling membranes, and components for textile, shoe, leather, and tolling services.


Shoe and Leather


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Components & Materials for

The Shoe and Leather Industry

Eco-Friendly Products

Jaeger USA Textiles is committed to mitigating our impact on the environment from our use of materials, to the making of our products, to the impact of our operations. We apply strategic environmental practices and targets across our owned and operated facilities and throughout our supply chain. Jaeger USA has developed and uses products made of sustainable and ecological materials; Tencel™, linen, organic cotton, wool, and recycled polyester and polyamide.

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Our sourcing and design teams consider the climate impact of raw materials and manufacturing processes, and we develop plans to mitigate those impacts. Jaeger has increasingly promoted responsibly sourced wood and cotton for its measurable environmental benefits over conventional materials, and we lead in recycled polyester and alternative materials like Tencel™.


Linen is a natural fiber made from flax plants. It is noted for its strength, absorbency, and coolness. Due to its high strength and poor elasticity amongst natural fibers, it is a suitable alternative for reinforcements made from synthetic fibers. Linen is a smooth yarn that makes the finished fabric lint-free.

Organic cotton is generally defined as cotton that is grown organically in subtropical countries from non-genetically modified plants, and without the use of any harmful synthetic agricultural chemicals. Cotton fibers are known as soft, cool, breathable, and absorbent and are suitable also for components in the shoe industry.




Natural materials make the world’s most comfortable shoes. Premium wool is the textile fiber obtained from sheep and has positive properties such as self-cleaning and insulation that keeps you warm with a soft feel. Our elastics made with wool are cut in a wide width are especially suitable for Chelsea boots and their natural look ensures an easy combination with any kind of premium leather.


Polyester and polyamide are based on synthetic raw materials obtained from crude oil. By melting down used plastic products such as PET bottles or fishing nets, these plastics are given a second life cycle in form of recycled fibers. Due to our requirement for sustainable products, we only use raw materials from tested and certified sources.

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Our integrated management system is designed based on the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 50001.

Quality and environmental management are the active principles of our business policy.  Meticulous examinations from the receipt of goods through to the finished product characterize our continuous quality assurance chain.

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